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Unusual Custom

Most Mexican restaurants have some sort of birthday custom. Waiters will usually come out singing with cake or flan. Sometimes they'll sing the traditional "Happy Birthday" song, other times they'll sing something more progressive.

JP, Jack and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant called "El Toreo" on our way back from Miami. JP and I walked in first, while Jack got something from the car. Just as we stepped inside, we caught the end of the El Toreo birthday ritual. Theirs was slightly.... unusual.

The waiters came out singing as one would expect, but one waiter carried a very small plate of whipped cream instead of cake or flan. The waiter with the small plate held a spoon of whipped cream up to the birthday girl (as if to feed her). He instructed her to open her mouth and close her eyes.

Meanwhile, a hidden waiter stood behind her with a big pie of whipped cream. When the birthday girl closed her eyes, the hidden waiter reached around and shoved the pie in her face!

Jack was still outside for all of this. Shocked, JP leaned over to me and whispered: "Hey, don't you think it's Jack's birthday today?"

Pie To The Face
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